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  • Article Submission (15)

    Questions and concerns regarding article submissions to
  • Billing (3)

    Billing and any financial transactions query and concerns with
  • Book Submissions and E-book Submissions (1)

    This category talks about all frequently asked questions pertaining to books and e-books submissions at
  • Copyright Violations (1)

    Copyright violations and other copyright concerns for articles published at
  • General (2)

    General quesions and concerns regarding your use of any services and features.
  • Platinum Membership (5)

    Platinum membership and other upgraded accounts concerns and questions.
  • Press Releases (4)

    This section talks about our Press Release publication and distribution channel.
  • Reprinting Articles (4)

    Concerns regarding how to reprint articles and other republication questions of any content at
  • Video Submission (2)

    Here you'll find topics which will answer all your questions pertaining to video submission and other video related services at

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